Because of the generosity of a handful of local families, Resonate Creative is pleased to have a small (but hopefully growing) scholarship fund to assist families. Scholarships will be awarded as funds are available. In order to offer support to as many families as possible and to encourage dedication, participation, and attendance, only partial scholarships are available. Scholarships are awarded at the center director’s discretion.

Who may benefit from a  scholarship? 
Anyone may benefit from a scholarship, from families taking the class for the first time to families who have been part Resonate Creative’s Music Together family for years.

Do I need to divulge personal financial information? 
We do not require you to divulge any personal financial information. Rather, Resonate Creative and Center Director, Veronica Andreassen-Barker will take you at your word that your family has financial need. We would ask that you be reflective, honest, and considerate of your level of need and what your family can contribute. Simply answer the questions on the Scholarship page and your request will be considered.

How are scholarships awarded? 
Once an application has been processed, available funds are reviewed and scholarship amounts are determined.  Every measure is taken to provide opportunities to all applicants, however sometimes this is fiscally not possible.

May a scholarship recipient apply for subsequent scholarships? 
Yes, a previous recipient is welcome to apply for a second or even third scholarship.

Are scholarships ever denied? 
Scholarships are awarded based on available funds. Resonate Creative hosts events throughout the year and asks participating families to donate to the scholarship fund. Therefore, the amount of scholarship funds is relative to donations received throughout the year. As well, scholarships may be denied to families who do not demonstrate a dedication to attend and participate in classes.

Apply for our Scholarship!